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Photos: 0
Video: 19 mins
Measurements: 41-24-41
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Bra Size: 34G
Birthday: June 09
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Stacked
Location: Seattle

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There's nothing like a little kink to make sex better. Especially when you can get kinky with as hot a piece of ass as Daphne Rosen. Daphne is the total package: She is smart, has a great personality and she is the freakiest sex fiend you can find. This girl does it all. So when this guy wanted to experiment with some nipple clamps, she was all for it. When he whipped out the whips and chains, Daphne whipped out his cock and went to town. When he told her that he wanted to fuck her tits and her pussy and then finish off with his cock in her ass, she agreed wholeheartedly. And when he told her that he wanted to spray her down with his nut sauce she told him to do it. Because Daphne knows that the only thing better than being a big-titted cock fiend is being a big-titted cock fiend coated in cum.
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